Storm Damage

Although storms are less common than standard water damage, Hurricanes are massively destructive to homes and communities when they occur. Hurricanes don’t simply cause mass flooding; they cause wind hazards as well. The situation becomes even more challenging when your windstorm and flood insurance carriers disagree on the source of conflict and leave you with half of a home while you wait for settlement. ClaimsPro professional Adjusters will do the research and look for the evidence you need to determine the source of damage. We will make sure you receive maximum compensation for your repairs.

Most common types of storm damage

  • Windows and doors
  • Porches and other structures
  • Roof structure lifting
  • Lower level flooding
  • Water damage
  • Landscaping destruction
  • Aluminum and other types of siding
  • Lost or damaged docks, boats or yachts
  • Damaged motorhomes
  • Aircraft damage


As a Florida resident or business owner, you remember the damage that Matthew, Irma and Michael left behind. In 2017, Hurricane Michael’s category 5 force storm rocked the state. To date, insurance companies have paid nearly $7 billion in claims, but 15% of the cases are still unresolved. Every year as hurricane season arrives, you may wonder if a new threat looming around the corner. You should not also have to wonder if you’ll be able to rebuild in the aftermath. Fortunately, the ClaimsPro team knows how to negotiate with insurance companies and file the most comprehensive claim possible.


Hail is uncommon but not unheard of in Florida. Hail occurs when thunderstorms move into a cold air system causing frozen water to pummel into the ground. Small pieces of hail can break windows, while larger sized hail can destroy roofs, and cause bodily injury.


Lightning is known to cause home fires, which results in millions of dollars in property damages each year. Other damages related to lightning include power surge and shock wave damage that may require you to repair roofing, structural framing, flooring, insulation, electric, plumbing and HVAC systems.

Understanding the process of hail and lightning claims can be overwhelming. We will work closely with you to asses your property damage and get you the maximum possible settlement.

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