Water Damage

Water damage claims can be very tricky because often the loss is far more extensive than you initially think. Assessing this type of damage is extremely challenging, especially when it involves mold or fungus that can destroy the structure of your property. Filing your claim with a professional Public Adjuster immediately is the best course of action to repair the damage in full.

Common Types of Water Damage Claims

  • Burst pipes or hidden leaks
  • Water heater or A/C leaks
  • Appliances leaks 
  • Roof, wall or basement Leaks
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Broken window or seal

Pipe Burst

All homes, condos, and businesses have water traveling to and away from them the via pipes in the wall. A pipe can burst in a split second causing immediately damage, or it may have a tiny hole that causes damage over time. As soon as you are aware of the problem, you deserve a swift insurance settlement. Remember that insurance companies will use every legal loophole to try to deny your claim. We will fight to make sure the insurance company pays what you need to restore the property in full.


Beyond causing extensive structural damage to your home, toxic mold can also lead to chronic health problems in the future. Call our team of adjusters now to inspect your property for all exposed and hidden damage. Making your claim quickly with a licensed Public Claims Adjuster is your best chance of recovering the maximum funds needed to protect yourself and your home. We will fight for the coverage to pay for mold testing and removal, structural restoration, remediation (to avoid future growth) and treatment of all affected clothes and furniture.

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