Types of Claims

ClaimsPro licensed Public Adjusters investigate every inch of your property to ensure all damages are claimed. Then, we advocate to get you the most comprehensive insurance benefits you deserve. We are here to help with any type of insurance claim so you can repair your property in full. 

Whether you have a new claim, pending claim or want to re-open a denied or underpaid claim—we can help. Our evaluations are FREE and we only get paid if you do.

Water Damage

We understand how frustrating plumbing leaks, burst pipes and any kind of water damage can be. Aside from the initial loss, water can seep into unexpected areas causing secondary damage as well. To make matters worse, insurance companies are known to deny water damage claims or pay very little to you, the property owner. Allow us to represent your rights as a policyholder so you can get a fair settlement.

Mold Damage

In the humid state of Florida, mold is a constant threat for homes and businesses. Moisture from leaks in pipes, appliance hoses, roofs, or A/Cs can seep into your property, allowing dangerous mold to grow. Insurance companies often limit mold coverage settlements, if they pay at all. If you have a mold insurance claim, call us today.

Storm Damage

As a Florida home or business owner you expect the occasional storm —  but that doesn’t make the damage any easier to deal with. Our team of professional Public Adjusters understand how stressful storm damage is and how frustrating the claims process can be. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid paying what you deserve. Allow ClaimsPro to represent your case.

Fire Damage

Fires are catastrophic events that can cause bodily injury and severe property damage or destruction. They may occur as a result of bad wiring, lightning, equipment failure, or they can be kitchen, chimney, or dryer accidents. Even small fires can cause a lot damage as smoke seeps into every nook of the house. The process to remove soot is a key and expensive part of fire repair, yet insurance companies may fight against paying smoke related damage. Let us help you get every cent you need to cover complete repair.

Flood Damage

South Floridians are at risk for flash flood damages, especially during rainy summer season. But not all floods are weather related. Some occur over a few days or weeks due to pipe leaks, for example. Whatever the cause, flood damage can be a nightmare. Part of the loss is covered by your water damage insurance, but specific flood policies are usually required for full payment. Allow ClaimsPro Public Adjusters to review your case and current policies so we can fight for your rights.

Vandalism / Theft / Burglary

Call us at (954) 394-4791 if you have been the victim of vandalism, theft, or burglary, we can help.

Commercial and Business Claims

We can help with any claims arising from business interruption in the event your business cannot open or you have lost sales as a result of damage. (954) 394-4791

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